1: "Upgrade your TV time with these enchanting Korean fantasy series available on Netflix."

2: "Dive into the mystical world of 'Arthdal Chronicles' and witness epic battles and romance."

3: "Join forces with 'The King: Eternal Monarch' as two parallel universes collide in a gripping tale."

4: "Experience 'Memories of the Alhambra' as a game developer gets trapped in a virtual reality."

5: "Embark on a journey with 'My Country: The New Age' set in the turbulent times of ancient Korea."

6: "Unveil secrets with 'Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey' as mythical creatures roam the modern world."

7: "Explore 'The School Nurse Files' where a school nurse fights off supernatural forces with her special power."

8: "Get lost in the enchanting world of 'Hotel Del Luna' where ghosts and humans coexist in a mystical hotel."

9: "Delve into 'Goblin' and fall in love with a goblin and a grim reaper's captivating story."