1 Classic Martini The perfect blend of gin and vermouth with a modern twist of infused bitters. Timeless elegance in a glass.

2 Citrus Martini A zesty twist on the classic recipe, adding fresh lemon and orange peel for a modern take. Refreshing and bright.

3 Spicy Martini Kick it up a notch with jalapeno-infused vodka and a splash of dry vermouth. Bold flavors for a modern twist.

4 Blackberry Martini Muddle fresh blackberries for a fruity addition to your traditional martini. Elegant and refreshing, with a modern twist.

5 Earl Grey Martini Infuse gin with Earl Grey tea for a sophisticated and modern take on the classic cocktail. Timeless elegance with a twist.

6 Rosemary Martini Add a sprig of fresh rosemary to your martini for a herbal twist. A modern and refreshing take on a timeless classic.

7 Cucumber Martini Enhance your martini with muddled cucumbers for a cool and crisp modern twist. Timeless elegance with a fresh update.

8 Honey Lavender Martini Sweeten up your martini with a touch of honey and a hint of lavender. A modern twist on a classic cocktail.

9 Pomegranate Martini Add a splash of pomegranate juice for a tart and vibrant twist on the traditional martini. Timeless elegance with a modern spin.