1: "Brat Diet Basics" Explore the key elements of the brat diet and why it's essential for easing digestion issues.

2: "Banana Smoothie" This refreshing drink is packed with potassium and gentle on the stomach - perfect for a brat diet.

3: "Rice Porridge" Comforting and easy to digest, this simple dish is a staple of the brat diet.

4: "Applesauce Muffins" Satisfy your sweet tooth while sticking to the brat diet with these delicious and gentle muffins.

5: "Toast with Honey" A classic brat diet breakfast option that's both comforting and easy on the stomach.

6: "Simple Chicken Soup" Warm and nourishing, this brat diet staple is perfect for soothing an upset stomach.

7: "Ginger Tea" Sip on this soothing drink to aid digestion and settle your stomach during a brat diet.

8: "Boiled Potatoes" A bland but comforting option for the brat diet, potatoes are easy on the stomach and filling.

9: "Cucumber Salad" Refresh your palate with this light and hydrating dish that's perfect for the brat diet.