1: Mediterranean Tuna Salad - Fresh flavors in a lunch-ready package. Perfect for a busy girl on the go.

2: Tuna Avocado Wrap - Simple and satisfying meal prep option for a healthy lunch break.

3: Greek Tuna Pita - A delicious twist on a classic sandwich, packed with Mediterranean flavors.

4: Tuna and Hummus Toast - Easy to assemble and full of protein, ideal for a quick snack.

5: Tuna Pasta Salad - A filling and tasty option for a light dinner or lunch on the run.

6: Tuna Veggie Skewers - Colorful and nutritious, perfect for a refreshing meal prep choice.

7: Tuna Stuffed Bell Peppers - A fun and creative way to enjoy tuna while getting your veggies in.

8: Tuna Quinoa Bowl - A wholesome and balanced meal prep option for a busy lifestyle.

9: Mediterranean Tuna Lettuce Wraps - Light and refreshing, a great low-carb meal prep alternative.