1: Boost your mood with Coconut Curry Chicken, rich in Vitamin B6 for a healthy brain.

2: Indulge in Vitamin B6-packed sweet potato tacos for a delicious and nutritious meal.

3: Try a refreshing spinach and chicken salad with Vitamin B6 to support your immune system.

4: Savor a citrus avocado salad with shrimp for a Vitamin B6 boost and glowing skin.

5: Enjoy a hearty lentil soup with Vitamin B6 for improved energy and metabolism.

6: Treat yourself to a banana and almond butter smoothie for a Vitamin B6-rich snack.

7: Explore a mouthwatering salmon with asparagus dish for Vitamin B6 benefits and heart health.

8: Delight in a roasted veggie quinoa bowl with Vitamin B6 to support stress relief.

9: Embrace a zesty lemon garlic chicken recipe with Vitamin B6 for a tasty and nutritious dinner.