1: "Harvey Specter: The Early Years" Explore Harvey's rise to the top as a young lawyer in New York City.

2: "Jessica Pearson: Queen of Chicago" Witness Jessica's new reign as a powerful attorney in the Windy City.

3: "Louis Litt: Managing Partner" Follow Louis as he navigates the challenges of running the firm.

4: "Donna Paulsen: The Perfect Matchmaker" Discover Donna's knack for bringing people together, professionally and personally.

5: "Mike Ross: The Ex-Con Turned Advocate" See Mike use his legal expertise to help others, despite his past.

6: "Rachel Zane: From Legal Aid to Fashion Empire" Watch Rachel balance her career in law with her passion for fashion.

7: "Alex Williams: Building a Legacy" Join Alex as he works to make a name for himself outside of the firm.

8: "Katrina Bennett: The Rising Star" Cheer on Katrina as she climbs the ranks in the competitive world of law.

9: "Robert Zane: The Mentor and Father Figure" Experience Robert's guidance and wisdom as he helps shape the future of the firm."