1: Planning a trip to see the 2024 American Eclipse? Check out historical weather data for optimal viewing locations.

2: Oregon's Willamette Valley offers clear skies in early April—an ideal spot to catch the eclipse.

3: Head to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee for a clear view of the eclipse in late April.

4: In Texas, Big Bend National Park boasts sunny weather for the May eclipse event.

5: Experience the eclipse in the wide-open spaces of Nebraska's Sandhills region in early June.

6: Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park promises clear skies to witness the eclipse in June.

7: For a unique viewing experience, consider Alaska's Denali National Park in early July.

8: Arizona's Grand Canyon is a prime location for eclipse viewing in July.

9: Wrap up your eclipse adventure in Northern California's Lassen Volcanic National Park in late July.