1 heading: Classic French Manicure Subheading: Timeless elegance with a white tip and nude base. Perfect for any occasion.

2 heading: Reverse French Manicure Subheading: Switch it up with a dark tip and light base. A modern twist on a classic look.

3 heading: Glitter French Manicure Subheading: Add some sparkle with glitter accents on the tips. Perfect for a special event or party.

4 heading: French Ombre Manicure Subheading: Blend colors seamlessly for a chic ombre effect. A stylish and unique twist on the classic French.

5 heading: French Tip Nail Art Subheading: Get creative with unique designs on the tips. From florals to geometric patterns, the possibilities are endless.

6 heading: French Fade Manicure Subheading: Transition from dark to light colors for a chic gradient effect. A subtle yet stunning nail look.

7 heading: French Marble Manicure Subheading: Achieve a luxurious marble effect with swirls of color on the tips. A sophisticated and trendy nail art option.

8 heading: French Neon Manicure Subheading: Go bold with neon colors on the tips. A fun and eye-catching twist on the classic French manicure.

9 heading: French Matte Manicure Subheading: Opt for a matte finish for a modern and sleek look. A stylish and understated take on the classic French manicure.