1: As Jessica Pearson, Gina Torres is back in Pearson, her own spinoff from Suits.

2: Fans can expect high drama, power struggles, and legal intrigue in Pearson.

3: With Jessica leading the charge, Pearson promises to be a thrilling watch.

4: See Gina Torres in action as she takes on corrupt politicians and powerful foes.

5: Experience the highs and lows of Jessica Pearson's journey in her new series.

6: The move from Suits to Pearson showcases Torres' talent and charisma.

7: Get ready for a wild ride as Gina Torres brings Jessica Pearson to life.

8: Don't miss out on the excitement as Torres navigates the cutthroat world of politics.

9: Discover what awaits Jessica Pearson as she carves her own path in Pearson.