1: Healthy Fast Food Choices Discover healthy options at popular fast food chains.

2: McDonald's Opt for grilled chicken sandwiches and salads at McDonald's.

3: Subway Choose whole grain bread and load up on veggies at Subway.

4: Chick-fil-A Try grilled chicken nuggets and fruit cups at Chick-fil-A.

5: Taco Bell Order fresco-style tacos and skip the fried options at Taco Bell.

6: Chipotle Build a nutritious bowl with protein, veggies, and brown rice at Chipotle.

7: Panera Bread Enjoy soups, salads, and sandwiches with whole ingredients at Panera Bread.

8: Wendy's Select grilled chicken wraps and salads with dressing on the side at Wendy's.

9: In-N-Out Opt for protein-style burgers and grilled onions at In-N-Out.