1: Enhance your Pho experience with these two simple tricks for authentic flavor.

2: Trick 1 - Toast your spices before adding them to the broth for a richer taste.

3: Trick 2 - Simmer your broth for at least 4 hours to develop deep, complex flavors.

4: Don't skimp on the herbs and aromatics - they are essential for that signature Pho taste.

5: Take your Pho to the next level by adding bone marrow for a luscious, decadent broth.

6: Balance the sweetness of traditional hoisin sauce with a kick of spicy sriracha.

7: Customize your Pho with toppings like bean sprouts, basil, and a squeeze of lime.

8: Serve your Pho with a side of crispy fried shallots for added texture and flavor.

9: Master these tricks and elevate your Pho game to achieve true perfection.