1: The rare Bicentennial quarter is valued at about 80 million USD, making it one of the most sought-after coins in the world.

2: With only three known to exist, collectors are willing to pay over 20 million dollars to add this rare coin to their collection.

3: The Bicentennial quarter was minted in 1976 to celebrate America's 200th birthday, making it a piece of history worth preserving.

4: Despite its high value, the Bicentennial quarter can still be found in circulation, making it a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

5: This valuable coin features the iconic drummer boy design on the reverse side, adding to its historical significance and collector appeal.

6: The Bicentennial quarter is a valuable addition to any coin collection, with its rarity and historical significance making it a prized possession.

7: Collectors and history enthusiasts alike are fascinated by the Bicentennial quarter's unique design and valuable worth in today's market.

8: With only a handful known to exist, the rare Bicentennial quarter is a highly sought-after coin that continues to capture the interest of collectors worldwide.

9: Whether you're a seasoned collector or a history buff, the Bicentennial quarter's value and rarity make it a must-have item for any coin enthusiast.