1: Title: Cody Rhodes' Secret WWE Debut Content: Discover what The Rock handed Cody Rhodes on WWE Raw that led to his secret debut.

2: Title: The Rock's Gift Content: The mysterious gift from The Rock changes Cody Rhodes' WWE career forever.

3: Title: WWE Raw Shock Content: The unexpected moment on WWE Raw with Cody Rhodes and The Rock leaves fans speechless.

4: Title: The Beginning Content: Cody Rhodes' secret WWE debut begins with a surprising twist from The Rock.

5: Title: Hidden Agenda Content: Unravel the hidden agenda behind The Rock's gesture towards Cody Rhodes on WWE Raw.

6: Title: Wrestling History Content: Witness the historic moment of Cody Rhodes' secret WWE debut thanks to The Rock.

7: Title: Career-Defining Moment Content: The Rock's gift to Cody Rhodes on WWE Raw sets the stage for a career-defining moment.

8: Title: The Rock's Influence Content: The Rock's unexpected influence on Cody Rhodes' WWE debut changes everything.

9: Title: A New Chapter Content: Cody Rhodes starts a new chapter in his wrestling journey with The Rock's help on WWE Raw.